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A Good Mile!

Hey everybody!

Remember the mile run with Calci I told you about? Well, here is how it went:  We decided that we would run a mile at the local school track. I made sure to drink water before I went so I wouldn’t get dehydrated. Then we took five minutes to stretch, as tight muscles really cramp my running style! After we were loose, we began our run. We ran the first two laps with no problem, but then I started to get a little tired. Calci could have easily continued at the pace we were going and left me behind to walk, but she didn’t! She slowed down to a pace I could handle and we finished out the last two laps together! Calci was encouraging me the whole time and I was very grateful that she stuck by me and helped me finish out that mile.

Not only did she help me reach a goal, but she also reminded me that being a good friend means encouraging and supporting others when they need it. Make sure you are a good friend by encouraging others (especially when it comes to keeping your heart healthy)!OWG_Blog_Art_3-14-11

Be sure to download the coloring sheet this week as well as the activity sheet for some more fun!

Have a great day,
Hardy Heart

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