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A Pedal in the Right Direction

Hey everybody!

Luigi asked me for some help this weekend. I was thinking he wanted me to quiz him on our spelling words or something like that, but nope, he wanted me to help him with his bike riding skills. I was so confused. He rides bikes with us all the time. Apparently, he gets super-nervous when he’s riding. He’s afraid he might lose control if he goes too fast or tip over if he turns too hard. As surprised as I was, I made sure to offer my help, ‘cause that’s what you do for friends! First, I told him that everyone worries about falling off when riding bikes, but that’s why we wear helmets and pads, to makes sure we are as safe as possible. Next, I told him that the best way I could think of for him to get over this fear is to face it head on, with a little help from me. So he started riding his bike, and I ran close by, to help him if he did fall. We started out slowly, but eventually we got going at a pretty decent speed. He did get a little more comfortable as we kept going, so that’s progress! We’re going to keep practicing like this, adding in turns, so he can feel safe and secure when he does the triathlon later this month. It’s so heart-warming to help out friends, isn’t it?Print

Have a great day,
Hardy Heart

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