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All Hearts Need Love

Hi-ya kids,
You know what’s great about having a twin brother? It means your best friend is sleeping over at your house every night! It’s as good as a drink of ice-cold water on a warm summer night! But most kids don’t have a twin that sleeps in the same house every night and some kids don’t get invited to spend-the-nights at all. When we realized that, it really bummed us out. You see, one of our friends in class was throwing a birthday party. He invited every boy in class over to his house, except for Owen. The worst part was, he was telling people about it! We couldn’t believe it! So we told the birthday boy that The Kidney Brothers couldn’t make his party this weekend. When he asked why, we said it was because we were hanging out with Owen that weekend. We didn’t like seeing Owen being singled-out and bullied like that, so we decided to stand up for what we thought was right.

So Owen came over to our house Saturday night and spent the night. And, no surprise here, we had a blast! We had low-fat grilled cheese on whole wheat bread, some strawberry ice-pops, and then our parents took us all to a hockey game! Owen couldn’t have been happier. He said it was the first time he was ever invited to sleep over at a friend’s house. Well, we had fun, so it certainly won’t be the last! This American Heart Month, you should look to someone who may need a friend, and be that friend! Chances are, you won’t regret it and they’ll never forget it.

Don’t forget today’s coloring sheet!

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