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BPI Media Group Open House

You may not often consider the behind the scenes efforts that take place in order to run a successful business. Almost a decade ago, OWG Inc. was so fortunate to partner up with BPI Media Group in Boaz, Alabama. BPI is responsible for warehousing our products and shipping the majority of our orders.

OWG Vice President, Karen McNamara, recently had the opportunity to attend an Open House held at BPI Media Group where she was able to see first hand, the behind the scenes operations! Here are a few pictures of her visit to Boaz, Alabama:



Karen McNamara pictured with fantastic BPI Media Group worker, Doris!


If you would like to see more images from BPI Media Group’s Open House, please click here. They certainly offer a wide variety of services and excel in customer service, so for us, this was a great fit! Next time you get your OrganWise box of materials, you can now picture where it was all printed and packed!

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