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Breakfast Isn't Just for the Morning

Hi guys and girls!

I was looking around on the old OrganWise Guys website and saw this week’s music video, “B-B-B Breakfast.”  It’s not only a super-catchy tune (seriously, go check it out!), but also it also made me crave breakfast food and it’s not even the morning! So I talked to my parents, and they said that we can have breakfast for DINNER!! That’s right, we will be having scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast (which is one of the Foods of the Month), fruit salad, and a tall glass of orange juice for dinner! I know it may seem a little crazy, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying healthy breakfast foods at night! I’m off to have my favorite meal of the day (again!). Hope your dinner is as good as mine!

While you’re waiting for dinner – get my coloring sheet and activity sheet.OWG_Blog_Art_9-22-11-4

Keep eating healthy,
Peter Pancreas

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