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Breakfast Skipping is a Mistake!

Hello Fellow OrganWise Guys Club Members,

Greetings from Pepto, the stomach! I wanted to tell you all a story from yesterday that I think will be helpful to you. Like all of you, my fellow OrganWise Guys and I are very busy with school these days. So after working really hard on my book report the other night, I decided to give my Sir Rebrum some extra rest and sleep in a little bit longer the following morning. This meant I was short on time and had to skip breakfast. BIG MISTAKE!! Not only was I tired all morning from not eating breakfast, but also my Sir Rebrum was not able to focus either! Then, as we were reading our textbook (with me being the hungry stomach that I am), I let out a HUGE growl. Everyone looked at me—it was so embarrassing! Now, in order to avoid another mishap like that, I plan to get up on time and eat a healthy breakfast every day! My healthy meal of whole grain cereal with low-fat milk, fruit and a glass of calcium-fortified orange juice keeps my brain focused and me growl-free!

Take it from me, guys and gals, a well-rounded breakfast is the best way to start off your day! Click here to download today’s coloring sheet.

Until we meet again,OWG_Blog_Art_3-3-11


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