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Creative Health Fair

We received a great write up from Lynn Vanoostveen, a school nurse in Michigan, about a health fair they did at a local elementary school. We are excited to share their creative idea:

Mulick Park Elementary School in Grand Rapids, MI has had the privilege of working with Michigan State Extension and The OrganWise Guys program for the last 2 years. Our lower elementary classrooms have embraced the lessons and videos but we were looking for a way to involve the upper elementary students as well. Since our staff and students have made February a “Heart Healthy” month for the last several years, I decided to involve the fifth grade in this year’s Health Fair. The students were divided into work groups and each group was assigned an OrganWise Guy to research. Then they designed a poster and handouts for their presentations. Anne King from MSU Extension came to work with the students on their oral presentations. I collected colorful pamphlets, erasers, pencils, stickers, balloons, food samples for taste testing and small water bottles for the students to give out to the visitors to their stations.Our Health Fair was held on one of our parent-teacher conference nights to increase participation. Posters were hung around the school and invitations were included in our February Newsletter. We had about 50 parents and students attend. The Fifth graders gave very informative presentations and all who attended were impressed with their knowledge and their interactive approach for sharing what they learned. It was a very successful way to involve our upper elementary students and I would do it again.


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