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Dancing on my Own!

Hola amigos,

From my corazon to your corazon (Spanish for “heart”), I hope you are having a great year, and an awesome American Heart Month. I saw that earlier this month, Luigi was talking about getting your heart rate up by playing games with friends. I am all for that, but you don’t have to be with friends to exercise and have some fun. I like to make up songs and dance around in my room. I just choose a word, like “sky,” and then make up the words as I dance around my room. Using “sky,” I might sing:

Look to the sky, And you’ll find your dreams,
Reach so high, And you will achieve!

Simple, silly, and fun! Best of all, I am revving up my heart beat as I make up my own beat! Don’t forget today’s coloring and activity sheet!

Madame MuscleOWG_Blog_Art_2-21-12

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