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Encourage Healthy Behaviors at Home This Summer

Are you looking for a fun way to keep your kiddos healthy during the summer months? Look no further … You can get our OWG In the House Kit at a discounted price all month long!

Encourage healthy behaviors with this home-based healthy behavior tracking program that helps families in their quest to become “OrganWise” by gradually adding healthy habits to the daily routine.

Here’s how it works:

The OrganWise Guys have four basic club rules.

  1. Low-Fat
  2. High-Fiber
  3. Water
  4. Exercise

There is one book for each rule. Your job is to practice each rule for 7 days with your children.

Choose the rule you’ll follow each week. At the end of each week of healthy habit tracking, you will reward the kids with one of the OWG beanies as a surprise.

Start the fun over each week, allowing the children to select which behavior they would like to focus on. This can become child-driven as they are excited to complete the various activities contained in each book and for the reward at the end of the week. You can engage your older children as helpers as they can encourage their siblings to make the healthy choices. It’s that simple!

Make sure and head over to our website to get yours today!

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