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Football x Math = FUN

Well hello everyone,

I was feeling a little bit nervous this weekend, as I have a big math test today.It’s on the times tables. They’re not easy to remember, especially the problems involving the bigger numbers, like six, seven, or eight. After studying Saturday morning, I decided to get some fresh air and watch some of The OrganWise Guys play football for a study break. They asked me if I would keep score, and of course, I said yes. And without realizing it, my study break turned into even more studying! I was multiplying three touchdowns by seven points to get twenty-one! If they ran eight yards six times, that’s 48 yards! There I was working, brushing up on my times tables just by being a scorekeeper for my friends!

Now I know, to learn my multiplication tables, I need to apply it to real life, whether it’s football or eating healthy (5 fruits and veggies each day times 7 days equals 35!)Let’s hope this new discovery pays off. Wish me luck and don’t forget to get my coloring sheet today!OWG_Blog_Art_10-17-11

Talk to you soon,

Peri Stolic

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