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Giving Thanks

It can be challenging to choose to be thankful in the middle of the chaos of life. Here are a few great ways for your family to practice giving thanks.

  1. Take time around the dinner table for each person to say what they are thankful for that day. It can be little things, like a new friend, a shared snack or a good parking spot!
  2. Make sure you tell your kids how thankful you are for them. Kids need to hear those messages often.
  3. Say “Thank You” often. We can slip into bad habits with family or close personal friends.
  4. Create a thanks project. Figure out some creative ways to let your kids show what they are thankful for in their life. Ask them to draw pictures and hang them up, make a thanks chain (by stapling together paper links with phrases of thanks on them), or find another idea that allows you to have a visual reminder of what you’re thankful for.

Craft_elf_holiday_Thanksgiving_chain_of_thanks_printable_Paper Chain

Being thankful gives us a healthy attitude which is important for a healthy body and mind! As the holiday season arrives, so does stress. Make sure you take some time out to really give thanks!

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