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Happy Chocolate and Soda Day!

We hope you’re celebrating Chocolate and Soda Day! You better believe The OrganWise Guys started celebrating early this morning by having a chocolate bar and two sodas for breakfast. What a nice way to start the day… April Fool’s! There’s no such thing as Chocolate and Soda Day, thankfully. It’s not only unhealthy, but a breakfast like that would result in a lot of upset stomachs (trust me, I know). I had an  egg, some whole wheat toast, a banana, and a glass or calcium-enriched orange juice for breakfast. This meal actually was a nice way to start the day. Enjoy your April Fool’s Day, and remember, if you do play a joke on someone, make sure it’s just a silly joke, not a mean one!

Until we meet again,


PS – Don’t forget to download our coloring sheet for today!download (35)

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