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Happy New Year's Eve

Hi guys and girls!

Today is New Year’s Eve! That means at midnight tonight, we’ll be saying goodbye to 2012, and hello to 2013! We OrganWise Guys are having a New Year’s Party over at Hardy’s house. His parents are making grilled chicken and a big salad for dinner, and then we’ll play games, as well as dance to some fun music while we wait for the clock to strike twelve. It can be hard though to stay awake that late. Getting enough sleep is important for us kids; so if you can’t make it to midnight, don’t feel bad, your body will thank you! If you do decide to stay up until midnight, don’t reach for a soda to keep you awake. It may sound silly, but eating fresh fruit will give you a nice, healthy energy boost without making you feel bad afterwards. Have fun tonight, and I’ll talk to you next year!


Don’t forget today’s coloring sheet!

Keep eating healthy,
Peter Pancreas

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