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Hardy's Party!

Hola Amigos!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is our surprise Healthy Heart Valentine’s party for Hardy. We all have been working every muscle to prepare for this party and I have a STRONG feeling Hardy is going to be very surprised. I just finished planning the activities for the party. To stimulate our brains, I created a word-scramble activity sheet with words related to our Healthy Heart Valentine’s party (you can download it here). After all the words have been unscrambled, I am sure we will eat some of the healthy, delicious food that Peri prepared for us! Then it is time for a little jump roping fun! We have to get those hearts beating—it is a Healthy Heart party after all! Once we’re all jumped out, we will cool down with some of The Kidney Brothers-approved drink of water, followed by the exchanging of Valentine’s cards. It is sure to be a FANTASTIC party. Color your own picture of me jumping rope by clicking here.

Be sure to check back to see what Hardy has to say about the party!Madame Fruit Tray


Madame Muscle

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