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Money doesn't grow on trees but what if healthy food did?

Hello hello,

Today, I have to turn in the art project I worked on this weekend. The assignment our teacher gave us was to think of how, in the fall, all of the leaves fall to the ground. Then she told us to think of how we simply rake them up, or step on them, or don’t even notice them when they are on the ground. Now what if the leaves were something that you loved? Would you notice them then? Of course you would! So our assignment was to draw a picture of a tree where all the leaves have fallen to the ground, but instead of leaves, it’s something you would definitely want. Some kids chose gumballs, money, or pages of their favorite books. But I had to really think about it (of course I did, that’s what I do!).Eventually I came to the following conclusion… I love BRAIN food! Healthy proteins and vitamin-rich fruits and veggies everywhere are what I envisioned! Think about how great it would be if the foods were just there for everyone to pick up and take home! We’d all be so healthy. Be sure to take a look at my picture, and draw one of your own as well.   OWG_Blog_Art_10-21-11

Think healthy thoughts,

Sir Rebrum

PS – Don’t forget to get today’s activity sheet and coloring sheet!

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