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Mother's Day

Hey Everybody!

A lot has been going on this week! Besides the normal stuff like school, homework, and eating healthy, this week is National PE Week, and Tuesday was National Teacher Appreciation Day. As you all know, we made cards for our teachers to let them know how thankful we are for them. All this ‘teacher-appreciating’ reminded us that Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so the busy week gets busier! Mother’s Day is all about letting your mom, or someone who treats you like family, know how special they are to you. First thing you can do is just let them know you love them; it will surely fill their heart with joy (we hearts love being filled with joy!). Another way to show that special adult in your life how much they mean to you is to make them breakfast in bed!
Here is an OrganWise-approved breakfast you can make:

  • Cup of fruit
  • Whole-wheat toast
  • 1 egg, sunny-side up
  • A glass of low-fat milk

Be sure to ask an adult (who you are not giving the breakfast to!) for help, as you always want to be careful in the kitchen.OWG_Blog_Art_5-5-11

See you back here soon,
Hardy Heart

PS – Don’t forget to get the coloring sheet and activity sheet for today!

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