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National School Breakfast Week

Hey Team!

This week is National School Breakfast Week! I hope you learned from Pepto’s blog last week that eating a healthy breakfast every morning is the best way to start your day! (When I have a morning like Pepto had and time is short at home, I love being able to grab breakfast at school, don’t you?!). Today, one of my classmates, Javier, asked me for a tip on eating healthy breakfasts at school. Being a calcium-rich bone, I told him that choosing skim milk as part of his meal is a simple way to keep your breakfast (and bones) healthy!

So remember kids, next time you reach for a carton of milk—make it skim milk! It definitely fits in with The OrganWise Guys low-fat rule while also providing the calcium your body needs! Also remember to check out the coloring sheet and activity sheet for today’s activities!

Talk to ya’ll later,

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