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Never Too Late to Make New Friends

Hola amigos!

There is only one week of school left (for some of us anyway!) and if you think that’s crazy, imagine moving into a new school with only one week left. That’s whathappened to Miranda when she enrolled in our class last week. Her parents moved to our area for work from across the country. We all know that it can be hard making friends sometimes, so I could only imagine how hard it would be with only one week of school left before summer. I didn’t want her to spend her summer all alone not knowing anyone, so I invited her to my house for a spend-the-night party I was having with some other friends, including Windy, Peri, and Calci. Thankfully, she accepted. I say thankfully, because she is so much fun! We had a dance party, and she taught us some cool dance moves she learned at a camp el verano pasado (Spanish for “last summer”). We introduced her to the apple and peanut butter sandwich; she had never had it before, and she loved it! I’m really glad I reached out to her. Now I have an awesome new friend to hang out with this summer!OWG_Blog_Art_5-21-12


Madame Muscle

PS – Don’t forget my coloring sheet today!

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