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Nothing Rhymes with Nutrition

Hi there,

Earlier this week, Peri gave a reminder to the school to keep eating healthy, especially since it’s National Nutrition Month. The reminder worked, because our teacher decided she wanted all of us to do a project with the theme of “National Nutrition Month.” We could tell a story, draw picture, or create a diorama—pretty much do whatever, as long as we talked about National Nutrition Month. I decided to write a poem. Here it is:

National Nutrition Month is about eating healthy food,
All the fruits and veggies keep me in a good mood!
Carrots, pears, and grapes are what I like best,
Want to join me in celebrating? Be my guest!
You can have apples, nuts, salads, and more,
Feel free to mix it up, don’t be a bore!
But if there is one thing we should know, it’s this:
National Nutrition Month can lead to a lifetime of bliss!

Hope you liked my poem! Check this week’s activity sheet and write your own!  Oh and there’s a coloring sheet in there just for you too!Print

Keep breathing,

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