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One Grape Costume!

Hey everybody!

Halloween is only two days away, and I am so excited about my costume! Personally, I don’t like costumes that I can’t move around in. You see, sometimes I like to jog between houses to get a little bit more exercise, so when the costume is really tight or heavy, I can’t move as well. So this year, I thought, what is a super-light costume that allows me to move? Well, what is lighter than air? Nothing! So I decided to use balloons as part of my costume. My parents brought me to the dollar store, and I bought a bunch of purple balloons that I will blow up and tape to myself, which will make me a bunch of grapes! Simple, cheap, and easy to move around in, all while getting people to think about eating healthy! Doesn’t get much better than that!OWG_Blog_Art_10-29-12

Enjoy your Halloween,

Hardy Heart

PS – Don’t forget my coloring sheet!

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