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Outdoor Challenge

Spring is here and, minus the pollen, it means fresh air and time that can be spent outdoors. Hopefully the weather is improving for everyone! We have a fun idea to encourage some good old-fashioned outdoor time spent with your kids, friends, and family. For the rest of April, we challenge you to get outside for at least 30 minutes a day and be creative with your time!

Here are some creative ways that we came up with to spend your outdoor time:

  • Play games – Write down various games on little pieces of paper and throw them in a jar for kids to make their picks. Freeze tag, dodge ball, soccer, and even Mother May I? are all viable options!
  • Create art – Grab some sidewalk chalk and host a drawing contest among the kids. Give them a topic and have them draw their favorite things, such as animal, fruit, or vegetable. You be the judge and the winner can pick the next topic to draw!
  • Visit a local park – Let the kids discover all the parks have to offer! Whether it’s a playground or hiking trail, the parks are great resources for physical activity and fun!
  • Clean up – Have the kids assist with your own yard work by pulling weeds, or even helping out with the garden. You can also have them pick up trash at a local park to teach them to take pride in their community.
  • Grill out – Fire up the grill and throw on some fresh veggies and chicken for a tasty and healthy meal!

Each day that you play outside for 30 minutes or more, put a fun sticker on the calendar to document it. The kids will love selecting stickers and will want to get outside to make sure they get to put it up on the calendar. Have fun!

Share with us your favorite ways to spend time outdoors!

Windy Spring

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