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Super Bowl Monday

Hello fellow OrganWise Guys Club Members,

I hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl last night! It was a good game, and the commercials weren’t too bad either. I also hope you ate healthier than I did. My family went to a Super Bowl Party at my neighbor’s house, and they had tons of food. There were chicken wings, pizza, chips and dip, mixed nuts, cookies, cake, and, thankfully, a veggie platter. It makes sense that there was so much food, as more food is eaten in the United States on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day, except for Thanksgiving!

When we first arrived, I stuck to the mixed nuts and veggie platter. But as the game went on, I found myself eating the less-healthy options. Fine, I’ll just say it, I ate way too many cookies and that was not a great decision, as I got real tired and barely made it through the third quarter! Of course, having one bad day of eating isn’t the end of the world, but I know I’ll be making sure I eat extra healthy this week! So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat some high-fiber, low-fat food! Make sure and download your coloring sheet for today!

Until we meet again,2-3-14 art Reduced


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