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December Healthy Shopping on a Budget

Happy Holidays! In December, there is lots to celebrate so your wallets may need a little relief. The good news is that we have a December OrganWise tip for healthy food shopping! For a little under $35, we made the following 5 dishes:


November Healthy Shopping on a Budget

It’s the holiday season! The November Foods of the Month, lean meats and sweet potatoes, are ideal foods of the holidays. How do we keep our wallets and waistlines in check during this hectic time of year? Keep reading for a few tips. But first, here is a recap of our purchases and meals this month: (more…)

SNAP Challenge

Today we feature for the first time, Guest Blogger Stephanie Kellam! She is a student wellness coordinator in Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) in Texas and is part of the UnitedHealthcare’s Activate 4 Kids School Wellness Initiative. She promotes fitness and nutrition-related wellness initiatives throughout FBISD by partnering with community organizations and school nurses, teachers, and administration to help educate children and their parents about the importance of developing lifelong healthy habits. To learn more about Activate 4 Kids go to: www.activate4kids.com.


October Healthy Shopping on a Budget

Happy Fall!! The October Foods of the Month (apples and winter squash) are the perfect seasonal fruits and veggies to incorporate into your meals this time of year. This month, for about $37, we made all the meals in this picture:


September Healthy Shopping on a Budget

Welcome to fall! We always look forward to cooking healthy, affordable meals that are perfect for chillier temperatures. With tomatoes and whole grains, the September Foods of the Month, we put a creative twist on typical family meals. For about $30, we made the following five dishes:

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That is a lot of food for only $30! We were able to eat for cheap because, as you see above, although our meals were very different, they all contained either tomatoes and/or whole grains. To save money, plan out a week’s menu using some of the same ingredients throughout your meals. This reduces the chances of wasting food, and pushes you to get creative in the kitchen. For example, if you buy a package of grape tomatoes, add half of them to your whole wheat pasta, then  chop up the second half and add them to a pizzalad. Use a package of whole wheat wraps for the week to make quesadillas, breakfast wraps, or as the bread for your sandwich.

In order to have variety while using similar ingredients, plan out your meals in advance so you don’t get stuck with the same dinner every night. And, of course, check back here often for healthy spins on your favorite recipes!