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Involve Kids in Meal Planning

involve kids in meal planningKids typically like to be involved in everything. In many cases, at a certain age, they also like to do everything on their own. Sound familiar? One positive way to use this excitement and eagerness to help is to involve kids in meal planning. What better way to start a conversation about healthy eating and also to encourage making healthy food choices, then by letting the kids help with the decision making? Win-win in our opinion.

Give kids several dinner options and let them pick which they want. Once meal time comes around, let them help with the prep work and also then the clean up! Just like Calci M. Bone, there can be one night a week where the kids are responsible for dinner (with a little assistance from the adults of course).

Make sure and download the coloring sheet for today to see what Calci M. Bone chooses for her Monday night dinner and to involve kids in meal planning:


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Teach Kids Perseverance Pays Off

Calci M. Bone PerseveranceSports are good at teaching life lessons to kids. There are so many parallels to be used that will pay off later in life. In this case, sports is used to teach the lesson of perseverance and that hard work will eventually pay off. There will be struggles along the way and there may even be times where kids just want to give up. Teaching them perseverance at a young age will definitely benefit them in all of their future endeavors.

In this case, Calci M. Bone is struggling a bit. Let the kids get in some coloring and a little math on the coloring and activity sheets for today. The kiddos will want to see what happens when she puts her mind to something!

Get your perseverance-themed activity and coloring sheets below:

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Video: Strong Bones During National Dairy Month

strong bones


The month of June is a busy one for most! Between upcoming Father’s Day celebrations and family beach vacations, it can be easy to veer away from┬ámaking healthy decisions. But, just because it’s summer does not mean that you have to be unhealthy. June plays host to National Dairy Month and there is nothing that Calci M. Bone likes more than talking about how to have strong bones.

Calcium for Strong Bones

Teach the kids from an early age the importance of eating foods that are high in calcium. Calci M. Bone has a fun discussion with Grandma Bone in this fun video. Make sure and share with the kids so they can see why they need to take in a lot of calcium so they have strong bones even later in life.

So, help a bone out this month (really all year round, too!) and grab an extra glass of low-fat or skim milk! Calci M. Bone is sure to thank you!

Summer Sun Safety for Kids

Calci M. Bone sun safetySummer is here which means lots of fun and sun in the months ahead! Kids need to be educated on sun safety so as not to end up burned and/or taking in too many of the dangerous rays from the sun. While the sun is a great source for vitamin D, it is essential to make sure to apply and reapply sunscreen on kids when playing or swimming outdoors this summer to prevent painful sunburn. Kids need to understand this lifelong lesson, too!

Make sure to download the fun coloring sheet featuring Calci M. Bone teaching kids about the importance of sun safety!

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Healthy Party Food For Kids

Calci M. Bone Healthy party food These days there is always something to celebrate! Whether it be birthdays or holidays or even silly observances, there is always a reason to unite with food typically being the focus of the celebration. Parties don’t always have to be unhealthy. In fact, you can even make it fun by creating healthy party food for kids. Calci M. Bone is very excited to share her healthy party food idea with kids. Make sure to download the coloring sheet and activity sheet today for kids to get involved in the healthy party scene. Start the trend of creating healthy parties for kids! The OrganWise Guys will certainly support this movement.



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