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Labor Day Fun For Kids

Labor Day Fun For kidsWith Labor Day this weekend, most people are mourning the loss of summer and likely not anxiously anticipating the cold weather and elements the winter will bring. One important thing you can teach kids this weekend is to discuss living in the moment and really taking in experiences so you can appreciate them. It is so easy to always look ahead, but everyone needs a little reminder at times to stop and enjoy the moment they are experiencing.

This weekend, make sure and plan some Labor Day fun for kids, whether it be out at the pool for one last weekend, or a picnic in the park! Let them enjoy the nice weather and time spent with family and friends.

Make sure and download the coloring sheet for today for some Labor Day fun for kids:


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Preparing Kids for Tests

Hardy preparing kids for tests

With back to school comes plenty of homework to be done and tests to be taken. It’s important that kids realize their performance results on tests have a big impact on their future.

Preparing kids for tests and how to properly study for them is very valuable. Today specifically, Hardy Heart is talking about spelling tests. He emphasizes making sure to go over and over the spelling words before the test to ensure kids are confident going into the test. Confidence and practice is key in preparing kids for tests.

Download the coloring and activity sheets focused on preparing kids for tests:

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Outdoor Fun for Kids in Summer

Hardy Heart Outdoor FunWhile summer time is a great break from the school routine for a couple months, it can also create boredom for the kids! It is important to come up with fun and unique ideas to do during the summer to try and prevent the boredom from happening. One of the things that you can do is to create outdoor fun either in the morning or in the evening when the temperatures are cooler outside

Hardy Heart has a really fun idea that kids everywhere will be eager to try!

Download the activity sheet and coloring sheet for today to see what outdoor fun activity he is enjoying this summer!



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Summer Fun: Make the Most of Day Camp

Hardy Summer FunSummer is the time to engage in a variety of activities. Some kids stay at home with their parents and others have the opportunity to attend day camp while their parents are at work. As Hardy Heart finds out, day camp is full of exciting things to do and also full of his friends! He didn’t realize all of activities that he would get to participate in at day camp. He is even encouraging his friends to join in the fun.

Whether it be sports camps or joining the swim team, summer is a great time to explore new things and to make great memories with friends and family.

To keep the kids’ brains working this summer, make sure to download the activity sheet and coloring sheets below!

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Berries and Peppers for Good Health


Hardy berries and peppersThe OrganWise Guys want kids to be healthy all year long. Making healthy food choices and being physically active is still important in the summer. Summertime provides kids with lots of time to play and have fun with their friends, so certainly getting sick is not an option! Hardy Heart recommends heading to your local farmer’s market to pick up some tasty berries and peppers for some healthy snack options this summer. These OrganWise Guys foods of the month are yummy summer treats and heading to the farmer’s market with the kids is a great way to have a conversation about healthy eating during the summer months. Once you have discussed healthy eating, let the kids select which berries and peppers they want to take home to eat.

Make sure to download the fun, berry-themed coloring sheet for the kids to color on a break from playing outside with their friends. Here’s a suggestion: feed the kids berries and peppers while they are coloring!


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