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Keep Kids Focused at the End of the School Year

Peter Pancreas Keep Kids FocusedWe all know what happens at the end of the school year … kids become less focused and eager for the summer months filled with no school work! It is important that we keep kids focused and remind them to continue to work hard at school in order to finish up the year with good grades. Once the school year ends is the time to celebrate the summer! Peter Pancreas offers this reminder with a fun coloring and activity sheet to download. Your teachers will be thankful for this little reminder to keep kids focused.

Good Luck!

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St. Patrick's Day Prep

Hi guys and girls!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, a day when lots of people are showing their Irish pride by wearing green. Lucky for me, I’m already green, so I find other ways to display some Irish pride. The way I do it is by bringing all-green food for lunch and snack! Well, mostly green. For snack I’ll bring celery, a Food of the Month, with peanut butter. For lunch, I have a spinach salad with chicken, green grapes, and some sugar-snap peas with a low-fat drink. To complete my green-theme, my parents are helping me make a kale-apple smoothie to bring as a drink. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Oh, and don’t forget to download your coloring sheet for today!Peter Pancreas St. Patrick's Day

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Black History Month

OWG_Blog_Art_2-19-15-917x1024Hi guys and girls!

Sir Rebrum mentioned in a previous blog that this month is Black History Month. We’ve had Black History Month themed-lessons all month long, and it has been so interesting to learn about all the people who have helped shape the country we live in today. It is definitely not surprising though, as we are a country made up of many different nationalities, and there are people from all backgrounds who have made huge impacts on our lives. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s lesson when we learn all about baseball player named Jack Robinson! Make sure to download the coloring sheet and activity sheet for today to learn even more!

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Peter Pancreas


The "Good" in Good Bye

OWG_Blog_Art_1-15-15Hi guys and girls,

I write to you today a little bit sad. You see, one of my best friends at school, James, is moving away on Sunday and I don’t like it. But after reading Windy’s blog about taking a deep breath, that’s exactly what I did. Instead of only thinking about the negatives of my friend moving away, I am going to focus on making these last few days fantastic! Tomorrow he is coming over to spend the night and then we are going to hang out all day Saturday with the rest of our class at a goodbye party. It’ll be fun, and a good way to say farewell to my friend. Always try to stay positive! Oh and one last thing, download the coloring sheet and activity sheet for today.

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American Diabetes Month

Hi guys and girls,

November is American Diabetes Month. Diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot properly use and store glucose. In order to reduce your risk, it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle. That means eating nutritious foods and getting plenty of physical activity every day. Basically, that means living OrganWise! In case you need a little refresher on the OrganWise rules, make sure you are eating low-fat, high-fiber foods (think fruits and veggies), drinking plenty of water and getting lots of exercise! Click here for more information on American Diabetes Month. Also, make sure to download your coloring sheet and activity sheet for today!

Keep eating healthy,

Diabetes MonthPeter Pancreas