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10 Cool Summer Treats

Thanks to Produce for Kids for sharing these refreshing cool summer treats. Check out all of the recipes below. We sure can’t wait to try them during the hot summer days!


Summer heat burning you up? Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and cool down with one of these produce-packed cool summer treats!

PB&J Popsicles: These pops get their “jelly” flavor from fresh strawberries and blueberries, helping the whole family sneak in more produce!

Banana Fro-yo: This smooth and creamy dessert uses bananas for a lighter, creamer and healthier version of frozen yogurt.

Green Smoothie Pops: Enjoy the goodness of a green smoothie in a fun, frozen treat! Kids won’t even know they’re eating veggies.

Splash of Fun Fruit Juice: Serve this cool juice recipe in the summer, when watermelon’s season is at its peak.

Pineapple Pear Shake: Frozen yogurt gets an extra sweet twist with the addition of pineapple and pears in this refreshing recipe.

Very Berry Peach Lemonade: Peaches and berries give this lemonade natural sweetness and color for a refreshing summer drink.

Peach Pie Smoothie: Enjoy the fresh, summer taste of peach pie in a glass! Pour mixture into popsicle molds and freeze for a fun, healthy dessert.

Banana Crunch Popsicles: A crunchy, frozen treat that kids will love to eat! These popsicles are a perfect make-ahead idea for a healthy treat for summer.

Berry Cherry Frozen Yogurt Bites: These yogurt bites are perfectly portioned and bite-sized for little ones. Packed with protein and crunchy nuts, they’re also a healthful dessert.

Smoothie Pops: Make an extra batch of pops to have on hand during hot summer days as a refreshing, protein-packed and sweet treat.

Super Green Smoothie: Cool off and sneak in extra veggies with this recipe. Kids won’t be able to taste the spinach, but will be getting an extra boost of healthy.


This post originally appeared on the Produce for Kids Blog.


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Summer Camp Activities at Home

Summer Camp Activities at Home

Going off to summer camp for a period of time during the summer months is a longstanding tradition for many kids. However, not everyone gets packed up and sent off to camp. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still be creative in your own homes and backyards. Gathering up family and friends in the neighborhood and putting together fun activities is what summer is all about!

We always like to put a healthy twist on things when we can, so we’ve come up with some healthy ways that you can bring summer camp activities to your home:

  • Host a field day – Recruit your friends and head to a local park where you can host events such as a sack race, tug of war, hula hoop contest, or even a water balloon toss challenge.
  • Create healthy music videos – Have kids select a fun song or two and write alternative healthy lyrics to it. They can perform their videos for parents, friends and siblings.
  • Hike a trail – Find a fun nature trail and take the kids on a hike. Pass out a scavenger hunt list for the kids. You can even throw in some fun exercises to have them do along the way. Great exercise and great fun! Win, win!
  • Get crafty – Come up with some fun crafts for the kids to do. One suggestion is to have kids create rainbows using fruits and veggies of the appropriate color to make the rainbow. Pinterest always has great ideas, too!
  • Make snacking fun – Get watermelon or other types of melon, and cut out fun shapes with cookie cutters for the kids to enjoy a refreshing treat during the hot summer days. Get other creative snack ideas on our SnackWise Pinterest board.
  • Cool off with some water – A pool or lake may not be readily available, but kids will enjoy running through a sprinkler or sliding across their back yards instead!
  • Camp out – Put up a tent, grab some flashlights and blankets and let the kids enjoy a backyard campout with friends. You can grill out some healthy vegetables and chicken or fish to make it feel like they are cooking food by a campfire!

Creating fun memories for your kids doesn’t have to be expensive. Spending time with family and friends is what’s important. Be sure to slow down this summer and enjoy the time spent together with those that are important in your life. You will be glad you did!


6 Tips For a Healthy Summer

Fruit Water for healthy summer

It’s summertime! Continue making healthy, OrganWise decisions outside of school with these hot weather tips and ideas for the entire family:

  1. Prep – Make healthy eating easier by cleaning and cutting up fresh fruits and veggies and placing them in small to-go bags at the beginning of the week. This provides you and your family with quick, healthy snacks throughout the week.
  2. Stay Active – The warm summer weather is the perfect time to be outside. Beat the heat by getting out and moving in the morning with a family bike ride. On the hottest days, find a way to get the kids active before the heat sets in. Make outside play time from 8:00-10:00 am instead of morning cartoons or errands.
  3. Exercise Indoors – A local gym with basketball courts, a climbing wall, or a local roller skating rink are all places that provide physical activity. The summer is a great time to try new activities, so be on the lookout for local deals and discounts offering some of these opportunities.
  4. Drink Water – Remember to stay hydrated, especially when getting lots of physical activity. Freeze water bottles before you head out for the day to provide your children with a cool drink. Keep cut up watermelon pieces in your kitchen for a tasty, hydrating snack. To liven up a plain glass of water, add fruit or veggie slices like lemons, limes, oranges or cucumbers.
  5. Cool Activities – Our bodies love to be active outside. Visit a waterpark, a pool, or the beach! These are perfect breaks for a hot day. Remember, it’s important to think about safety at these summer destinations (like wearing life jackets, watching out for ocean currents, and always keeping your children in sight).
  6. Plan – Place a calendar in a high traffic area of your home with all the activities you have planned for the summer. They can be summer vacations, camp time, and other special events. To combat boredom, reserve the empty dates for special family time, like a walk around the neighborhood after dinner or an outdoor movie.

Download and print out these healthy summer tips to hang up around the house!

What are some of your favorite ways to make it a healthy summer?

Healthy Summer Camp Programming


The summertime months are historically unhealthy for kids as they move away from the school day routine where they typically have access to healthy meals, nutrition education and physical education. Kids should still be incorporating all of these things into their days even during the summer.

It’s not too late to make this summer a healthy one! Use The OrganWise Guys evidence-based programming in your summer camp setting to help kids stay healthy during the out-of-school-time months. See below for more information on The OrganWise Guys summer camp programming and also to get a discount code! Here’s to a healthy summer and healthy kids!


The OrganWise Guys Summer Camp programming

Summer Bucket List for Kids

Summer bucket List monkey bars

Summer is nearly here and if you’re like most families, you are busy juggling a whole different set of schedules. Summer offers us a break from the mundane of the school-year but it also can make us a little crazy. You may be taking a vacation or two, but in order to avoid too much chaos and that inevitable summer boredom that will eventually sink in, make a list of things that you would like to accomplish over the summer with the kids. Call it your summer bucket list and let the kids be involved in making it. Get your blank summer bucket list here and if you would like to use some of our ideas, download and print the list we created.

What are some ideas that you would have on your summer bucket list?