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Snowflakes and Fruit

Hi there,

I’m sure you all have heard that no two snowflakes are the same, which is incredible when you think about how many snowflakes there are. This got me thinking … I’ve never seen two apples that look exactly the same. Or oranges. Or watermelons. Basically, almost no two pieces of the same fruit are identical. They may look similar, but there is just about always a tiny difference between them, whether it’s a tiny bruise on a pear, or an extra seed on a strawberry. Crazy to think about! So next time you’re picking fruit at the farmer’s market, take a closer look at each piece, they’re never the exact same. Get your fruit-inspired coloring sheet and activity sheet for today!

Keep breathing,


Windy Colorful Fruit

Be Kind Today and Every Day

Hi there,

Today is World Kindness Day and celebrating it is very easy. All you have to do is be kind! You can hold the door open for someone, give a compliment, or just be extra mindful of saying please and thank you. Small acts of kindness can really go a long way. Last week, I was really down in the dumps after getting a bad grade on my spelling test. Then a friend came up to me and told me they admire how hard I work in my classes, and it inspires them to work hard as well. That small compliment made me not only feel better, but got me ready to work hard and ace my next spelling test, which I did! So be kind, you never know how you may brighten someone’s day! Don’t forget to download the coloring sheet and activity sheet for today! They are all about being kind.

Be KindKeep breathing!



Crunch Time Goals

Well hello everyone,

November is here, which means we are in the final two months of the year … but there’s still so much left I want to do this year! I want to rake up a pile of leaves and jump into it. I want to jump rope 100 times without stopping. I want to re-read my favorite book. I want to help my dad cook Sunday dinner. All these things are just at the top of my long list. So I’m making a resolution for the rest of the year: no parking in front of the TV and watching it for hours on end. Will I still watch some of my favorite shows? Sure! But I am not going to spend a whole day on the couch when there is so much else I want to do! I encourage each one of you to set a few more goals to accomplish before the year is over. After all, it’s never too late to set some goals! Oh and make sure and download your coloring sheet for today!

Keep breathing!

Accomplishing goalsWindy


Windy Loves Healthy Lung Month


Windy Grand CanyonOctober is Healthy Lung Month. Naturally, Windy, the lungs thinks this is a fantastic celebration! During this month (and throughout the year, of course!), make sure to get plenty of exercise as this ‘works out’ your lungs. Also, make sure not to smoke, because as we all know, this is not only harmful to your lungs but your health in general. If you have ever seen The OrganWise Guys’ DVD, Farmer’s Market Fresh, then you may be familiar with the clip that we are sharing today!


Just One Candy a Day

Hi there!

The title of this blog may be a bit confusing, so let me explain. Why are we saying one candy a day? Normally we are talking all about my favorite fruits and vegetables and how many of them you should be eating every day. But this time of year it’s easy to find candy everywhere you go, especially when you go trick-or-treating. After trick-or-treating, you’ll likely have quite a bit of candy on your hands, but the goal is to pace yourself. Try having one piece of candy a day. Not only is it a healthier option than eating it all at once, but your candy will certainly last longer, too. Who doesn’t love that? Moderation is certainly key! Make sure to get your coloring sheet for today!

OWG_Blog_Art_10-13-14Keep breathing,