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Teach Kids to Eat Healthy Portions

teach kids to eat healthy portionsDecember is here and with that comes a lot of celebrating with your typically unhealthy foods! We know there are so many temptations this time of year and while it’s easy to just chalk it up to, “it’s the holidays, and I will get back on track in the new year,” it’s not the best mindset to have. Also, it’s important to remember that kids are easily influenced and love modeling behavior of adults, so this is a great opportunity to teach kids to eat healthy portions. 

Download the coloring page and activity sheet for today to help you teach kids to eat healthy portions:




Practice Portion Control in December

practice portion control

Practice portion control all month long as we round out our series tracking healthy behaviors for an entire month (and hopefully beyond). With all of the holiday parties and gatherings that will take place this month, you and the kids will be tempted by lots of tasty foods. Try taking just a little sample of the not-so-healthy items so you will be less likely to overindulge. Sometimes all we need is a little taste! As another little tip, try loading up on some fruits and veggies before you head out to a holiday party so you aren’t as hungry going in. You can help teach kids about the importance of portion control with the help of this free calendar. So make sure to download and print your December Behavior Tracking Sheet and use in your home or other setting to encourage and track behavior change.


Watch as The Pirates of the Carrot and Bean practice portion control … Argh!

Here’s to eating healthy portions all month long and beyond!

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Be Thankful All Year Long

Sir Rebrum Be thankfulThanksgiving may be over, but that doesn’t meant being thankful has o be. As we discussed earlier in the month, you don’t have to only be thankful and grateful on Thanksgiving because the holiday promotes it! Since you’ve had so much fun showing your appreciation to those who have impacted your lives all month long, why not keep it going? It’s not too late to let them know that they are appreciated! You never know how one small “thank you” can impact someone’s day, don’t hesitate to be thankful all year long!

Download the coloring page below to help teach your kids to be thankful all year long. Sir Rebrum is happy to help out with the discussion today:



Happy Thanksgiving

Hardy Happy ThanksgivingLeading up to this holiday, we have talked a lot about being grateful and being thankful. Enjoy time spent with family, friends and all your loved ones! Don’t forget to choose healthy options when making your plate. It’s also important to get a little exercise in today, even if it’s just a quick walk around the block. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

To ensure a happy Thanksgiving for all, if you’re looking for just a little something to entertain the kids while the turkey is cooking, download the festive coloring page and activity sheet for today: 



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Family Fun on Thanksgiving

family fun on thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is generally a time for fun and family! Whether it be, meal preparations, board games, putting together a puzzle as a family, or a good old-fashioned family football game, many families likely have longstanding traditions that take place during this holiday. 

Calci M. Bone talks about a potential disappointment when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate for the family to participate in a game of football. We’re here to say, don’t let a little bad weather get in the way of your family fun on Thanksgiving! Find an alternative activity or why not go play in the rain?

Download the coloring page for today to get in the spirit of family fun on Thanksgiving: