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Take Your Base

Hey everybody,

This weekend I had a baseball game. I’ve been on my team for a few years now, but what happened to me this weekend was a first. I was up at bat and the count was two balls, one strike. The ball was coming right over home plate, so I swung for the fences, like I always do. It didn’t reach the fences though. Well, not until it bounced twice. As I was running to first, the ball bounced and bounced and then went right over the fence in the outfield. Turns out, when that happens, it is called a “ground rule double.” Basically, it means that the ball is out of play for reasons the players can’t control, so the batter gets to go to second base. I didn’t know what to do at first, but my coach quickly explained it and told me I could jog over to second. I went to second base, but I was sure to run, because I am trying to have fun and exercise during my baseball games! Hopefully in next week’s game the ball will go over the fence again, but this time because it is a homerun!

Have a great day,


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