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Test Your Fresh Bean Knowledge!

Green beans, lima beans and edamame. What do they have in common? They are all fresh beans, an April Food of the Month (FoM)!

Where do you buy fresh beans? When fresh beans are in season, you can purchase them in the produce aisle. Otherwise, check out the frozen aisle for frozen fresh beans that are just as nutritious AND available year round!Foods of the Month

When are fresh beans in season? Fresh beans grow in the summer and fall months.

How are fresh beans different than dried beans? They have more tender textures than regular beans. They also take less time to prepare because you do not need to soak them or cook them for a long amount of time.

How do you cook fresh beans? It’s very easy, making them a great option for a side to a weeknight meal. Boiling, steaming, and microwaving are common ways to cook fresh beans. However, these methods cause some of the nutrients to be lost.

How do we fix this? A great way to save these nutrients is to reuse the water. For example, if you cook a meal with fresh beans and whole grain, brown rice, *re*use the fresh bean water to cook your rice!

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