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Tropical Fruit Smoothies

It’s hot outside so refresh with some tropical fruit, a July Foods of the Month! Today, we have delicious tropical fruit smoothie ideas to inspire you the next time you blend up your favorite fruits and veggies. Make sure and check back on Friday for a video featuring Peri Stolic with more fruit smoothie suggestions!

We love these tropical fruit combos for smoothies. With the following, we blended approximately 2 cups of sliced fruits with 1 cup ice; no yogurt or milk needed since the fruits have so much flavor of their own.

Banana Mint Smoothie – The most refreshing smoothie of them all! Combine 2 bananas with 1/2 of a lime (peeled), the juice from one orange, a handful of fresh mint and ice.

Sunset Tropical Fruit Smoothie – This one gets the distinction of the prettiest smoothie! First, blend 2 parts strawberries, 1 part bananas and ice together. This should result in a pink/reddish colored smoothie. Pour the contents of this blend into a glass until half full. Next, blend together mango and pineapple with ice. This should result in an orange/yellow colored smoothie. Top off the glass with the mango and pineapple blend. Garnish with fresh fruit and a fun straw for a colorful, summery treat.

Mango Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie – This is an ideal smoothie for beginners, a.k.a. picky kids who may be hesitant to try blended fruit. The fun color plus the sweet taste makes it a guaranteed hit for young ones!

tropical fruit smoothie


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