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Free Back to School Activity Book for Good Health

back to school activity book ipad

It’s that time of year again. Back to school is here. How can it possibly be true? Parents and teachers alike are wondering how the summer has come and nearly gone so quickly! Nonetheless, the inevitable start of the school year is around the corner and we want to help get kids back into a healthy mindset now with an exciting offer. So, do your kids a favor – put all of the summer technology aside and get a free back to school activity book featuring The OrganWise Guys! Your kiddos will enjoy tackling the fun coloring and activity pages. This is a great opportunity to ease the kids back into the habit of doing “work” (but fun work of course!) again, all while giving them a refresher on making healthy choices. While the kids are “working” put out a spread of healthy fruits and veggies for them to snack on!

Click below to download your free back to school activity book:

free back to school activity book

Also check out our Kid’s Club for additional healthy and fun activities for kids. Be sure and share these free offerings with all of your friends, too! They will for sure be grateful!





Winner Spotlight

This year we started a new monthly blog feature called, Hardy’s $100 Question. You can check out the giveaway rules and question from last month here. We received this fun picture of last month’s winner Hope Dennis, who is with University of Illinois Extension. She was so excited to get her $100 gift certificate that she captured and shared the excitement with us!