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Christmas Eve Celebration

Christmas Eve CelebrationChristmas Eve is kind of like the calm before the storm, especially when real little kids are involved. If you don’t already have this tradition, it could be a fun idea to have a Christmas Eve celebration with your close friends and family. Try having a healthy spread of food and maybe even incorporate a gift exchange. These small traditions are the events that kids will hold dear in their hearts as they get older and will also create fun memories for the kids.

If you want a fun little idea for the kids to do during this Christmas Eve celebration, you can download this fun coloring page and activity sheet:




Enjoy Family Time During the Holidays

Hardy enjoy family timeThe holiday breaks from work and school for adults and kids alike, are a great opportunity to enjoy family time. Whether it be a game night, putting together a puzzle or a fun game of charades, the important thing is togetherness and making fun memories with the family. 

With the cold temperatures and even those places that are getting snow, it can be fun to bundle up and venture outdoors for some good quality fun with the family.

Download the coloring page for today to see what fun activity Hardy Heart and his parents decide to do outside to enjoy family time:



Happy Thanksgiving

Hardy Happy ThanksgivingLeading up to this holiday, we have talked a lot about being grateful and being thankful. Enjoy time spent with family, friends and all your loved ones! Don’t forget to choose healthy options when making your plate. It’s also important to get a little exercise in today, even if it’s just a quick walk around the block. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

To ensure a happy Thanksgiving for all, if you’re looking for just a little something to entertain the kids while the turkey is cooking, download the festive coloring page and activity sheet for today: 



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Halloween Safety Tip: Use the Buddy System

Hardy Buddy systemWe’ve been discussing Halloween safety this month and we are back with yet another tip: Make sure and use the buddy system on Halloween night. This one is so important really all of the time! It’s always a good habit to go ahead and use the buddy system when out and about, especially at night. You can never be too careful!

It’s essential to teach kids about the necessity of the buddy system from a young age. Going out at night alone is simply never a safe or smart decision. Instilling this in kids minds early on will benefit them now and down the road. Hardy Heart is all about kids being safe on Halloween and every other day of the year, so start the conversation now!

Download the coloring and activity sheets promoting the use of the buddy system this Halloween night:





Teach Kids to Dream Big

teach kids to dream bigOur children are the leaders, doctors, politicians, inventors, and entrepreneurs of the future! So, it is vital that we prepare them and instill in them with the proper values pertinent to successfully leading this country.

One way to help kids prepare for the future is to make sure they are working hard, setting goals and dreaming big. We need to let them know that they can do anything they set their mind to with a little bit of determination, hard work and perseverance. Hardy Heart wants to make sure you teach kids to dream big!


Make sure and download the coloring sheet so you too can teach kids to dream big:

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