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Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing

Pepto Teach kids to do the right thingLast week we talked about charities and fundraising and teaching kids why they are so important. Tied to that lesson was a story for the kids talking about a friendly class competition associated with the change that they were being encouraged to bring in for a charity. This week there is a discovery that some change has gone missing and kids are reluctant to bring in more change to replace the missing change. 

This is a great time to teach kids to do the right thing. Lessons like this earned early in life are so valuable. 

Make sure and download the coloring page to help teach kids to do the right thing:



Teach Kids About Fundraisers

OWG_Blog_Art_12-10-15It’s a great idea to teach kids about fundraisers and how they can work hard to raise money for various things they may be involved in, such as sports. It’s also a good time to talk about raising money for others and for charities and causes that help people out. Kids will learn that helping others in need can feel good! 

As with the worksheets today, it’s fun to get a little friendly class competition going on to get kids excited about helping others out. You can even have the kids select a charity that they would like to help out. Talk about learning how to be selfless! You can’t beat that lesson!

Download the coloring page and activity sheet for today to teach kids about fundraisers:




Enjoy Healthy Foods During Thanksgiving

healthy foods during ThanksgivingFall is here and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. There are foods that we typically eat during these festive holidays and it’s important that we remember we can still eat healthy versions of these foods during these celebrations. 

You may hear us talk about the foods of the month on occasion, and now is the perfect time to remind you all to eat your November foods of the month, lean meats and sweet potatoes. Turkey and sweet potatoes go hand-in-hand with Thanksgiving, but as we said, try and prepare these foods in a healthy way so you can enjoy healthy foods during Thanksgiving. Healthy foods don’t have to mean you lose the flavor!

Download the coloring sheet for today and talk to your kids about the different ways that you can prepare some of these foods for good health and enjoy healthy foods during Thanksgiving!


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Benefits of Eating Leftovers

benefits of eating leftoversYou may or may not be a fan of eating leftovers in your household. Whether you enjoy them or not, the benefits of eating leftovers might just be worth it in the end.

First of all, if you had cooked your favorite meal the night before and made sure there were extras, you will be super excited about eating it all over again! Secondly, the meal preparation is practically eliminated the second time around as you’ve already done most of the work the previous night. Lastly, your wallet will thank you if you plan in leftovers throughout the week. One of the additional benefits of eating leftovers is that you are guaranteed an extra night of family time since you are eating your meal at home together again.

Download the coloring sheet today to see how Pepto discovers the benefits of eating leftovers:



Dealing with Peer Pressure Among Kids


Pepto Peer PressureOne thing is for certain about kids, and really adults, too, and that is they we all want to feel like we belong. This starts from a young age, where kids deal with making decisions that may not always be smartest ones, but are the most “popular” according to their peers. As kids get older peer pressure is something that they are bound to face. They will be faced with issues big and small, and it is so important to teach them from a young age how to make smart decisions without being influenced by their peers. See how Pepto, the stomach experiences some peer pressure from a friend and what he does to resolve it.

Download the coloring sheet today to begin a conversation about peer pressure with kids:

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Good Luck!