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Does The Road to Heart Disease Begin In Childhood?

Adults are more vulnerable to heart diseases than young children. And it is equally true that food and lifestyle habits started in childhood can lead to the heart health or a lifetime of heart damage.Did you know? Cardiovascular diseases claim a life every 37 seconds in the USA.

Today, American children are growing up with health conditions like obesity, accumulation of fat deposits in the arteries, fluctuations in cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and diabetes. Needless to say these health conditions trigger cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. Heart disease can be inherited, meaning that a child is prone to the risk if there is a heart disease of stroke in his family.

Encouraging your child for healthy food and workout can reduce the risk of heart disease. If heart disease in your family history, consult with your child’s health care provider and check the cholesterol and blood pressure regularly.

Go through the infographic given below to know the risks causing heart diseases and the ways you can deal with them. 

Heart Disease Infographic