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Research Says … Citrus Fruits Can Help Prevent Obesity!

Research Says … Citrus Fruits Can Help Prevent Obesity!

Proper consumption of citrus fruits can play a significant role in preventing obesity.

Citrus fruits are loved by kids for their refreshing and tangy sweetness, and they provide various health benefits. As a parent, you can encourage your kids to enjoy them even more, knowing how they may prevent obesity.

Certain citrus fruits, like lemons and oranges,can help keep obesity at bay. Because they are rich in flavonoids (the largest group of plant chemicals), citrus fruits help prevent fat from accumulating in the body.

What Studies Reveal about Citrus Fruits’ Role in Preventing Obesity?

According to research presented at ACS,the world’s largest scientific society, citrus fruits can help prevent obesity-related diseases of the heart and liver.

At that stage, citrus fruits are helpful as their flavanones protect healthy cells from being damaged while minimizing the risk of oxidative stress. They ease pressure on an already overworked immune system.

The research report was presented at ACS by a team of researchers from University Estadual Paulista in Brazil, who reported their findings from experiment on 50 mice. They kept the mice on flavanones from lemons, limes, and oranges for nearly one month. The mice on the flavanones diet showed less fat accumulation and less damage to the liver.Under these conditions, the body doesn’t acquire fat, keeping the subject in good shape. This means that citrus fruits are helpful even for those who are not obese but whose daily diet is highly caloric.

The researchers are hopeful that they “can use citrus flavanones, a class of antioxidants, to prevent or delay chronic diseases caused by obesity in humans” in the future.

Your Kids’ Diet Deserves Oranges and Lemons:


 We need such studies to discover more anti-obesity foods because the USA is plagued with childhood obesity like never before. Obese children are prone to various health risks, including heart diseases, liver diseases, and diabetes. Therefore, it makes sense to add anti-obesity foods like oranges and lemons to your diet.

However,the form in which you consume these citrus fruits does matter. Consuming them in juice and pill form is beneficial, but consuming the whole fruit provides the maximum benefit.