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5 Back to School Tips for Success

It’s that oh so highly anticipated time of year! Back to school. The stores are stocked up with supplies, backpacks, clothing sales (or not), and tax free weekends to help get you going. With all of this hassle, er, excitement, it’s easy to get stressed about all that has to be done in time for that first day of school.

Here are 5 back to school tips to help you be more prepared and alleviate some of the stress:

  • Bedtime Routine – Establish specific bedtimes for each child. Whether the times are staggered or everyone goes to bed altogether, it needs to be a set schedule and then enforced. It may not happen on the first try, but work towards these times as you get closer to that first day back to school. Sleep is vital, so get this down ASAP!
  • Supply Prep –  Now that you have bought all of those school supplies, don’t wait until the night before to label everything and make sure it is all there! Plan ahead and go ahead and pack their bags so all you have to do on that first day is grab and go.
  • Wardrobe Prep – Try on any new clothes prior to the first day of school. (Who’s waited until the morning of and realized an outfit didn’t work, then had to scramble?) Cut off any new tags and have your outfits for the first day (and that entire week if you are that good!) picked out and ready to go. You don’t want to have clothing disagreements slow you down!
  • Menu Selection – If you get a lunch menu ahead of time, go ahead and highlight the days in which your kids will eat the school lunch and which days you will be packing them. Make sure to check out the calendar prior to your grocery shopping so you can be prepared for lunches you have to make. It also can be helpful to portion out certain fruits or veggies and snacks ahead of time to make it a quicker process.
  • Organization System – There are endless amounts of school papers, artwork, and report cards that the kiddos will bring home that they (and you for the most part) will be proud of. The question is, what do you do with it all? Create a rotation system where the kids can select a few of their favorites and hang them up. Try a “Masterpiece” wall where you hang the favorite art pieces and then, after awhile, switch them out and file away the old ones in a file box that you can create for each child. Have this system set up ahead of time so you don’t have papers overflowing on your kitchen counters!

back to school tips - masterpieces

These simple tips should help you at least organize the chaos of back to school just a little bit!

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