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5 New Ways to Use The OrganWise Guys in Your School

Whether you’re ready or not, back to school is nearly here so why not embrace it with open arms!? Kids will certainly need to get back on track with healthy eating and behaviors, so try some of these new ways to use The OrganWise Guys in your school. Over the years, we have collected some really creative, unique and effective ways to use “the guys” in the school setting and wanted to share some of them with you.

Here are 5 new ways to use The OrganWise Guys in your school:

  1. Construct a recipe board – If you’re using the Foods of the Month (FoM) in your school, print the back page of recipes from the FoM newsletters and create a recipe bulletin board. You can also print out and share the FoM recipes posted every Monday on our blog.BTS Recipe Wall
  2. Create ideas for a healthier world – There’s nothing like kids using their imaginations, so why not have them come up with ideas for creating a healthier world? Have each child come up with an idea using an OrganWise Guy to promote a healthier world. Reward each participant with a Great Idea Award Certificate and an OrganWise Guy. Ideas for a Healthier World
  3. Design your own OrganWise Guy/Gal – Using this blank body template, color, cut and paste these OrganWise Guys onto the body. Go ahead and let the kids design the body to look like themselves. My OrganWise Guy
  4. Follow the Kid’s Blog Adventures – Every Monday and Thursday on our kid’s blog, features new OWG adventures along with an activity and/or coloring sheet. Make it a habit on these two days of the week to read the short story and let the kids do the worksheets. It’s a quick way to get in a great health and character ed lesson! Color Me OrganWise
  5. Host a taste test – Try introducing new foods to kids with a simple taste test, where they will be more likely to have a taste! If you are using the FoM program, ideally you can coincide the taste tests with the foods of the month. Check our blog each month for taste test worksheets. Try out this berry taste test worksheet or this tropical fruit taste test worksheet to get started. Carrot-Taste-Test-with-Jewel-Jones-EC-City-of-Jackson-MS-1024x768

Hopefully these are some fresh ideas for using The OrganWise Guys materials! If you have your own creative ideas, please share with us on our Facebook page. We love hearing from you! Until then, best of luck as you start the new school year!

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