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5 Ways to Cure Holiday Break Boredom

Amazingly, Christmas has once again come and gone! But the much anticipated Christmas break is now in full swing and hopefully the kids are still excited about all of their new gifts and gadgets. While you would think that the spread of new toys and games would keep the kids busy for months, they still tend to get stir crazy when just hanging out in the house. So, if your kids are showing signs of boredom, we are here to help!

Here are some entertaining ideas to ensure everyone survives the holiday break:

  • Get outside  – Bundle up and ask other neighborhood families to meet you at a nearby park or playground. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate (made with low-fat milk, of course) to keep you warm. Fresh air will be welcomed by all!
  • Visit a museum – Try visiting a local health, science or children’s museum, especially ones that have special displays for children. A lot of times you can find Groupons (or similar discount sites) that offer reduced rates on admissions.
  • Be physically active – Visit the local indoor gym or swimming pool to get in some exercise. To make sure the kids get active, head out for a walk around the block, or partake in some fun exercise indoors, such as a dance party or a family competition on the new Wii sports game the kids received as a gift.
  • Create in the kitchen – Enlist your little helpers in the kitchen and create some fun snacks at their request. You can find healthy and seasonal treats on our Pinterest boards.
  • Get crafty – Turn on some music, bring out the art supplies and let the kids draw, color or paint away! Again, Pinterest is full of ideas for seasonal craft activities.

What are your favorite things to do with your kids over the break?

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