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5 Ways to Be Active in the Summer Heat

Let’s be honest, it is just plain HOT during these summer months. It’s so easy to just want to stay indoors with the air conditioner blasting. However, it’s still important for both adults and kids to be outside AND be active! So, how do we stay active this summer while beating the heat?

Here are five tips to keep you all moving this summer:

  • Exercise Early – Get out and get moving before the heat rolls in. Grab a healthy breakfast and then head out on a walk or bike ride as a family. Have outside play time from 8-10 am instead of morning cartoons or errands. Find a way to get your kids active before the heat of the day sets in.
  • Hit the pool, beach or lake – It’s a great way to play outside in the heat of the day while you stay cool. Find a shady spot to set up your gear and then play in the water! Of course, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water even while playing in the water!
  • Get moving indoors – What do you have available to keep you moving? A local gym with basketball courts? A climbing wall? Roller skating rink? An indoor trampoline park? This can be a great time to try some new activities as well. Keep an eye on the local daily deals (from Groupon and others) to get some great discounts at these places.
  • Seek out shade – It’s amazing what a difference the shade can make. Find a park or playground with some sturdy trees and spend some time playing there.
  • Make evenings active time for the family – Even though the hottest part of the day is often between 5 and 6, as soon as the sun starts to sink, the temps back off a bit. Instead of sitting in the house, this is a great time for your family to be active. Does your neighborhood have a pool? Head down there after dinner for an hour or so or as twilight sets in, get the neighbors involved in a game of flashlight tag. You’ll get more out of these evenings than just exercise, you’ll get family memories that your kids will certainly treasure.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but just make sure and remember to stay hydrated! Water, water and more water!

We’d love to hear your ideas of how to beat the heat this summer!



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