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5 Ways to Celebrate Exercise with Your Child Week

What better way to connect with your child than to be physically active with them? Celebrate Exercise with your Child Week next week, August 3 – 9, 2014. This initiative nurtures relationship building between parents and/or guardians and kids while promoting a healthier lifestyle! That’s a win all the way around! As we know, exercise and proper nutrition are essential to stay healthy and to  create that all-important energy balance, so why not instill this behavior in those you love the most … your children? Check out these fun ideas to celebrate Exercise with your Child Week:

  • Play outside – Gather up toys that foster exercise such as jump ropes, hula hoops, a soccer ball, baseball bat and ball, roller skates and scooters and play away! Set a timer for each activity and rotate between them all, and yes, YOU included!
  • Dance party – Exercise doesn’t always have to feel like exercise! Put on your family’s favorite tunes and break it down. Create an actual dance routine, let one person pick their favorite move and everyone can copy it, or just do freestyle! Whatever you do, before you know it, 30 minutes will have flown by and you will have gotten in some great exercise!
  • Family outing – Make a trip to the local park for some running around! Check out the playground or play a game of freeze tag. You can even pack a nutritious picnic for dinner. If not the park, head on down to the pool and set a family goal for total number of laps to swim and everyone (age appropriate) has to contribute. Take some sidewalk chalk and let the kids tally the laps!
  • Family nature walk – To maintain energy balance, take a stroll after eating a healthy dinner and encourage the kids to explore things in nature! It can be a time for physical activity, learning and important family bonding!
  • Sign up for a sport – See what sports are offered at your local YMCA or other community venues and have the kids select a sport that they would like to try out. You can then carve in regular family practice time each night or week!

Share with us some other creative ways that you will be celebrating Exercise with Your Child Week! OWG_Blog_Art_8-9-12

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