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6 to 8 Every Day!!!

Hi-ya Kids!

Did you miss us? Of course you did, we’re vital organs – LOL! Anyway, it’s hard to believe another month has already flown by. This month was National Nutrition Month, which also contained National School Breakfast Week and St. Patrick’s Day.  While eating healthy is definitely a GREAT thing, one thing was missing from this month… WATER!! What’s a kidney gotta do to get some respect around here? The lack of importance being placed on water makes us want to cry, but then we don’t because we love water too much to let it go to waste!! So kids, listen to us, The Kidney Brothers, saying, “Drink water … lots of it!” Kidneys are thirsty, and since there are two of us, you need to make sure we stay hydrated. So that means six to eight glasses of water everyday. That’s right, six to eight! (We each like three to four glasses of water a day, so multiply that by two and you get six to eight.) So quench your thirst with a tall glass of water, right now. Seriously, pronto! Stop reading, get some water, and then come back and finish reading. Ahhh, perfectly refreshing! While you’re enjoying a glass of water, download our coloring sheet for today!

Kidney Brothers High FiveLater,

The Kidney Brothers

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