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6 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day as a Family

Earth day

Tomorrow, April 22, 2015, commemorates the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. People around the world will do their part to help protect the environment. What a great opportunity to educate your kids on some of the simple things that can be done on a daily basis to make a positive impact. This year, make it a goal to celebrate Earth Day in your own way as a family.

Here are some fun ideas to help you out:

Start a compost –  By starting a small compost pile or bin in your backyard, you will reduce the amount of waste your family sends to the landfill. Get in the habit of throwing those kitchen scraps and yard trimmings in the pile; in fact, have the kids do it!

Plant a tree – Decide on a special occassion or event to commemorate by planting a tree in your backyard. Make the planting and ongoing care a family affair. You can even have the kids create a sign to include next to the tree.

Pick up trash – Take the kiddos to a local park or even a parking lot and have them pick up the litter and dispose of it. Make sure to discuss the importance of throwing away your trash where it belongs.

Recycle – If you don’t already recycle in your household, start now. You will be amazed at how much space you save in your trash can and how great of an impact it will make in the long run. The kids will love separating out the plastics and cardboards!

Shop and eat local – Take the family to a local Farmer’s Market and purchase food for your dinner that evening. Cook a yummy dinner (don’t forget to involve the kids) that evening using all local products.

Take the Footprint Quiz – This is a fun way to see what kind of impact YOU are making on the planet. Click here to take the quiz!

What do you and your family plan to do to take part in Earth Day this year?

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