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A Breath of Fresh Air

Hi there!

I’m Windy the lungs! Can you believe another month of 2011 has already flown by?! Sometimes when so much is going on, between school, friends, sports, and other after-school activities, I forget to do some of the little things, like brush my teeth. I know, it seems crazy that a pair of lungs would forget to brush her teeth. I certainly don’t want to be exhaling bad breath all day!! But last week, I forgot to brush my teeth before school so, of course, I had horrible breath all day! Now I put a sticky-note on my mirror that asks, “Windy, have you brushed your teeth this morning?” Now when I see that, I remember that I want to have fresh-smelling breath while I enjoy the fresh air! And to make brushing my teeth more exciting, I made up a little song that I sing in my head while I brush my pearly whites:

Windy, Windy, she’s the best!She loves the air that fills our chest!

Windy, Windy, she’s our gal!With such fresh breath, she’s everyone’s pal!

It’s a bit silly, I know, but it makes me smile (and flash those beautiful teeth)! You all should come up with a song that you sing while brushing your teeth! To get you all in the teeth-brushing mode, there is a cool activity sheet where you can design your own toothbrush—and one for me as well!

Remember to click here for today’s coloring sheet and here for today’s activity sheet!

Keep Breathing! (Not that there really is a choice – but you can choose to make it a “breath of fresh air – giggle-giggle.)

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