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A Healthy Day Starts With A Healthy Breakfast

Well hey there!
As Calci told you, this is National Nutrition Month, but did you also know it’s National School Breakfast Week? Well, it is. Really, it only makes sense, because good nutrition starts when you wake up and have breakfast in the morning, whether it’s at home or at school. There are plenty of times when I have to eat breakfast at school. And let me tell you, it sure is a healthy treat! I grab a low-fat chocolate milk, some whole-grain oatmeal, and a banana, and go enjoy breakfast. Sometimes, I don’t know anyone else in the cafeteria, so I simply ask some kids if I can sit with them. Most times, they say yes, which is exciting for me because I love meeting new people! By eating school breakfast, I’m eating healthy while I’m making new friends!  So next time you’re thinking about going to school early and skipping breakfast … don’t! You’ll not only miss out on some healthy foods, but on some fun time with friends!Print

Keep Livin’ OrganWise,
Luigi Liver

PS – Don’t forget to get my coloring sheet today – maybe you can even color it after breakfast!

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