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A Meaningful Teacher Appreciation Gift

Kids are getting excited that the end of the school year is soon approaching. It’s almost summer time!! As a parent, the end of the school year means some added expenses that may not be in the budget. Soon, room moms will be emailing to collect money for a teacher gift that will be the most special gift ever!
 If your child has several teachers, or you have several children with one or many teachers, this can be a costly undertaking.

Teachers love gifts, but mostly gifts from the heart of the children they have taught. An acrostic poem from a student will always be a cherished gift; it is a creative way to communicate feelings of appreciation in an artistic way.Our OWG illustrator helped us decorate this example of one:Unknown

There are so many ways it can be done; your child can decorate with paint, crayons, cut out pictures, fabric, etc. Be original and have him/her put their own personality into the project. To make it more formal, you could even put the poem in a frame with the school year and date on it. Not only will your child be proud of the gift, but the teacher will also be impressed and have a personal and meaningful memento to cherish.

What are some of your favorite meaningful and inexpensive teacher gifts?

by Julie Green

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