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A Note from Aunt Joyce

We often receive encouraging emails from people who love our products, but last week we got this great email from our very own, Julie Green’s Aunt Joyce. Aunt Joyce has been helping us out with some work on curriculum standards and is one of our biggest fans! We thought you’d enjoy her story as much as we did …

Last Saturday I drove from Western Michigan to the Detroit area to offer condolences to the family of a friend who lost her sister to cancer. While at the funeral home, I spotted a young couple with a baby in arms who were taking a OWG Blog Hardy 1-10-11break on a couch in a sitting area. Having not met them, but seeing their sorrow, I sat with them, played with the baby a bit and learned about their relationship with their deceased Aunt. They started to relax. When I asked them to tell me about themselves they lit up and spoke about their three young children and their passion for education, both teachers, currently substitute teaching. (They also had driven a distance to be there, telling me that they were from Central Michigan.) We talked about education, as I too had recently spent nine years substituting. They became interested in what I was now doing and so I told them I work for this great company called The OrganWise Guys, which is this most intriguing health curriculum! I couldn’t get another word out … the Mom burst with excitement telling me that their kindergarten child knows all the “Guys” as the curriculum is used in his classroom, as well as their whole school system. “Then he knows Hardy Heart?” I asked. “Yes!” she said, and then told me all the names of the other characters, and how excited her son was this past week when she was in the classroom during OWG time and could watch him manipulate the organs in the body utilizing the educational tool, “OrganWise Guy.” She was amazed at how much he was learning about the human body! She also spoke of how friendly the OWG materials are to use in the classroom as a substitute teacher. Mom was so proud to tell her story to me that she was almost out of breath. I was thrilled to hear that their lives were being touched in such a personal way by OWG. The healthy topic also provided comfort at this time of grieving. I was filled with joy to meet this lovely family and to see and hear how this great company is touching the lives of children and their families so profoundly. OWG … you are making a difference in our world!  

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