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A Summer Berry Adventure!

Have you ever visited a berry farm and tasted the deliciousness of fresh picked berries? If not, check to see if there is a farm close to your home. Blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are just some of the berries that are in season from June through August. Take your children along for an educational, fun adventure that includes a sampling of these tasty foods!

Call or Email Ahead – Double check that the berries are ready to be harvested by calling ahead to your local berry farm. Weather conditions or other factors influence the growing of berries, so make sure that the berries are ready before heading over.Print

Prepare to be Outdoors – Pack lots of water and plently of sunscreen. Wear athletic shoes because you will be doing a lot of walking. You will be outdoors so dress according to the weather. Also, wear clothes that can be stained or get dirty. When berry picking, it’s likely that you will get some of the berry juice on your clothing!

Pack a Picnic Lunch – There may not be food nearby, so make sure you bring some lunch with you. Pack a picnic lunch with whole grain sandwiches, lean meats, and cut up veggies. Enjoy these fresh foods in the sunshine, and talk about what kinds of foods you want to make with your berries while eating your healthy picnic lunch.

Know Which Berries to Pick – Before picking, ask someone who works at the farm to explain what types of berries to look for. Explain to your children what a ripe berry looks like so they know which ones to select. Typically, ripe berries will be uniform in color and can easily be pulled away from the rest of the plant.

Bring your Camera – Take pictures to document your fun summer day trip. Also, send them to us at [email protected]!

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