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Active Ideas for your Beach Vacation

We posted this blog last summer and know that this information will be helpful again during this time of year, so make sure and take these tips on the road with you again!

Summer is here, which means fun, relaxing beach vacations. Soaking up rays (with lots of sunscreen, of course) on the beach, reading a book by the pool, or enjoying tasty local cuisine sounds amazing right about now! Just because you are in vacation mode doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon your workout routine. Read more for ideas to help you stay active during your vacation so that your return to reality won’t be as difficult!

Madame Volleyball

Site Amenities – Find out what is offered at your vacation spot. Is there a gym? Are there walking paths or bike trails? What kinds of group activities may be offered at the site? You can walk 9 holes of golf or even rent some bikes to get around.

Plan Ahead – Create a few basic workouts ahead of time that don’t require equipment (i.e., lunges, squats, and pushups). Take time here and there to fit these into your day, or wake up early and knock out your whole workout before everyone else is awake!

Beach Strolls – Go for an early morning run or walk on the beach (take your pets if you brought them!). With the beautiful scenery and the sound of waves crashing on the beach, you will have gone a couple of miles before you know it!

Family Fun – If there are tennis or basketball courts, or even a sand volleyball court, gather up the family for some friendly competition.

Of course, we always make sure and remind you to drink LOTS of water while you are out being active to rehydrate during the hot days!

So tell us, what is your favorite way to stay active during your summer vacation?

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